Welcome to Osipia


In the world of Osipia plant life is intricately connected to the inhabitants of planet Earth. For every soul here on Earth there is a plant connected to it on Osipia.  Human souls are tied to Osipian Orchids. If you live right and in harmony with the All that is your orchid on Osipia thrives.

Since human souls rank very high on the grand scale of things the Osipian soul orchids have Keepers. In The Osipian Chronicles you will get the opportunity to meet some of them.  In The Orchid Keeper  (by Jennifer Deese) and in The Fading Light  (coming soon) you meet Sol an ancient and wise Orchid Keeper. Sol is a gorgeous sentient being with many resemblances to a plant. His back story will come to you in a future publication.


Cora is a  drug addicted human being of Earth that is magically transported to Osipia in The Orchid Keeper, and given the chance to save her soul and change her life. Can she achieve success with the aide of Sol? Will she fight off her demons and rid herself of the monkey on her back before her soul orchid and her life dwindle away?

Grab your copy today and follow Coras journey in the Prequel Novella, The Orchid Keeper.  https://www.amazon.com/Orchid-Keeper-Jennifer-Deese-ebook/dp/B00MYNGIBG

The story will continue in The Fading Light…coming soon. In this installment of The Osipian Chronicles Cora is once again on Osipia , where the Devallians have broken a treaty and it’s up to the Rothallian fighters, Weavers and  The Keepers to squash the rebellion.

The Devallians have to feed their Soulfinuium addiction and will destroy Osipia in the process. Will they win or can Cora and the others save the day? Tune in later for some character interviews here on the Osipian Blog, as well as backstories, culture and history.

Blue orchid with buds
Cora’s soul orchid.